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Real Laser Cut Cufflinks

I Hate Soldering

Stop that Flash Jitter

Fail - Circular RGB PCB

Circular RGB PCB

Rectangle RAG PCB

Laser Cut Traffic Light Cufflink

RGB Components

Miniature RGB

Pelican is cool

Entered Instructables Jewellery Contest

Prototypes – for Silver

Springs and yet more Springs

Blender Video II & Disc Springs

Blender and Cuffelink

Smaller, Brighter, Better

First Battery Change – Planning RGB

Ultra-thin PCBs (0.4mm)


Hello World, Hello Hackaday, Hello new Demo Video

Had my Cuffelinks on all day

One Working Prototype Cuffelink

Adding RV-8564-C2 break-out board

Another Prototype Delivered

Ordering Electronics

Physical Prototype delivered

2727 Hours

Binary sketch size: 3524 bytes (of a 4096 byte maximum)

ATTiny85 Connected to DS1307

Built HV Rescue Shield 2

PCB Layout added to Git

Git Repository up

Example Circuit Running the tiny_rag sketch

The First Cufflinks