I am not very good at soldering and for this project with have lots of SMD to get on to a PCB. I have many a swear word and many a curse. So after extensive searching, I have ordered a Hot Air rework station. I have also used the London Hackspace Laser Cutter to make a jog and a solder stecil.

Before a sencil and Hot Air rework station:-

The basic instructions are from Meat and Networking, however I add some extra shapes on new layers so I could have a jig. Includeding some screw holes. The same files is used to cut the stencil and the jig, just turn off the yellow and red layers as approproate.

The only problem I had is the sizing was out by 40% increase. This was solved by takign the outsize shape diemensions in Inkscape, and using the re-size function in the laser cutter (interesting) program. Then fiddling around with Acetate setting to set a nice stencil.

Now I can spend a day in the holidays trying to solder with little excuses.