Stop that Flash Jitter

Now I have written a full, interrupt driven sketches for an arduino running some traffic signals. An extract is shown below:-

  if ((_state == PHASE_GREEN) && (_phase_change == PHASE_CHANGE_TO_RED)) {
    // On Green want Red
    if (ran_min_green()) {
      _state = PHASE_POST_GREEN;
      _phase_change = PHASE_CHANGE_NONE;
      _time_since_green_milliseconds = 0;
      _time_on_current_state_milliseconds = 0;
      if (debug_to_serial) {
        Serial.println("Leaving Green");

However for this project ...

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Laser Cut Traffic Light Cufflink

I had a play with a laser-cut rectangle case for the traffic light cufflink. First step was using Tinkercad to create a 3-d sketch/mock-up. Still looks very tight to get the traces to fit on the PCB. This is with an outside case of 13.5 x 22.00 ...

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